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Our Slip and Fall Doctors are proud to serve Lithia Springs and help patients regain their wellbeing. As you grow older traumas from falls are one of the most common types of accidents. Slip and Fall accidents can cause damage to the bones, ligaments, muscles, and joints and directly affect the nervous system, When this happens, nerve signals are disrupted, causing severe pain. Fortunately, AICA is ready to help!  With our unique combination of chiropractic care, physical therapy, neurology, pain management, and orthopedics, we are able to offer the most comprehensive treatment for your injuries.  Our Lithia Springs specialists will diagnose injuries regardless of severity, so call now to get the relief you deserve!  We are available all day every day, so don’t delay!

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Slip and fall accidents are some of the most dangerous, as they can happen at any time.  The doctors at AICA Lithia Springs are familiar with the anatomy of a slip and fall injury and are able to provide the most accurate diagnosis of your traumas. We will utilize a variety of chiropractic techniques to create a specific recovery for you, including specific adjustments, general manipulation, low force maneuvers, non-force maneuvers, and procedures tailored to each patient. Regardless of the severity of your slip and fall injury, our Lithia Springs specialists will offer the best treatment options to get you well.  We provide a free initial consultation and x-ray, so call now!

AICA is familiar with the causes of slip and fall accidents, and many of them are preventable. Our doctors will counsel patients with the proper safety precautions, and help you maintain your physical wellbeing.  It is also quite common for these accidents to occur due to negligence by a 3rd party.  AICA can recommend the best attorney for your accident claim, and we accept most insurance, including that of the at-fault party and attorney based liens. Do not delay treatment—we are available 24/7, so call now!

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